Fast & Reliable Repairs For Your MacBook Pro

Looking for a reliable solution to fix your MacBook Pro? We've got you covered with our high-quality repair services catered to suit your needs and budget

Our comprehensive services include replacing the battery, replacing the screen, and more.

Our team of certified laptop repair professionals is dedicated to providing expedient and efficient service to restore your device to optimal working condition, free of any inconvenience. Whether your device is struggling with persistent overheating or your keyboard is malfunctioning, we offer comprehensive solutions to address all your concerns. Our professionals prioritize quality, utilizing only the highest grade parts, tools, and equipment to ensure that your device is repaired and maintained to the highest standard. Trust our team to deliver exceptional service and seamless repairs, returning your laptop to its original performance capabilities.

Repair Service Prices


Screen Repair

Battery Replacement

Charging Port

Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Pro 2020 (A2338)





MacBook Pro 2018-2020 (A1989, A2159, A2289, A2251)





MacBook Pro 2016-2017 (A1706, A1708)



$119 (A1706)

$199 (A1708)


MacBook Pro 2015 (A1502)





MacBook Pro 2013-2014 (A1502)





MacBook Pro 2012-2013 (A1425)





Don't see your model? Please give us a call for a quote!

Other Issues?

If you are experiencing any issues with your MacBook, do not worry and bring it to us. Our team of professionals can diagnose the problem. We understand the importance of your device and how frustrating it can be when it is not working correctly. Our team is skilled and experienced in handling issues related to software and hardware. So, if you have any concerns about your MacBook, bring it by our location, and we will diagnose it for free.

Data Recovery

At Gadget Rehab, we provide professional data recovery services to our valued clients. If you are experiencing any damage to your device and require recovery services, we invite you to bring your device in to one of our specialists. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to assess and identify the specific needs of your device, ensuring it is promptly and efficiently restored

Not Turning On?

Your MacBook might not turn on for various reasons like a motherboard short or charging problems. You can find out the problem for free at Gadget Rehab. It's a quick and simple process. Make an appointment now.

Not Charging?

If you are experiencing charging issues with your MacBook, we can help diagnose the problem. Our team of experts can examine your device and determine whether a cleaning or replacement is necessary.

Water Damage?

When a MacBook is exposed to water, the presence of moisture may result in corrosion, leading to short circuits. As a consequence, limited options are available for repairing the device. Our shop can quickly clean the water-induced damage and evaluate the severity of the situation, which aids in averting any additional complications. We recommend that customers forgo the well-known suggestion of rice-filled containers so bring it by as soon as possible, no appointment required.

Why Trust Gadget Rehab?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on the parts and labor. Our belief in the quality of our items is paramount, and we demonstrate this by standing behind our work with our warranty. Any issues will be resolved by our team of professionals. Your satisfaction is our priority.